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All Motor Vehicle Crash Repairs Car & Van

All Motor Vehicle Crash Repairs Car & Van

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    What I know is that Ed, the owner of Platinum Motors, is very hands on in the business, & is the best, most authentic, all round motor vehicle repairer and seller that I have ever known of. He is also the most genuine, and trustworthy person I have ever found. Platinum Motors has looked after our cars and vans for years, & serviced and crash repaired them to a faultless standard, and Ed is always trying to help further. Insurance companies don’t, make you aware that it’s Our choice where Our vehicle is repaired, the “approved” gave rubbish customer service! & conveyor belt repairs, Ed had to help us out of that and put things right. He is interested in the customer’s satisfaction first, before making money himself. They should make more money for the incredible hours and effort he and his people put in. Many of our vehicles have been purchased through Platinum Motors/Ed. They deserve recognition for care, trust and reliability, because those are VERY RARE commodities nowadays.