Dream Yacht Charter (Antigua) Ltd.

Dream Yacht Charter is the world’s largest charter company. We are the #1 place to find, book & sail your dream yacht.

Dream Yacht Charter is the world’s largest charter company. We are the #1 place to find, book & sail your dream yacht.

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  • We chartered with Dream Yacht Charters A few years ago and they were very helpful

  • very amazing marketing video very persuasive

  • Multiple charters,never had a problem.Will use again.

  • Katamarantour auf den Malediven

  • wir haben unsere erste Reise mit dieser Gesellschaft fast beendet. Es war traumhaft In den Malediven zu verweilen. Unser Skipper kannte wirklich wunderschöne schnorchelplätze. wir würden jederzeit wieder eine Tour buchen.

  • The best in sail charters.

  • great sailing team real professional.

  • We took a BY THE CABIN CHARTER. DAY 1 and NIGHT 1 - Getting to the boat! DYC dropped the ball a few times and never responded when their guests became stranded. We reached out by phone and email. Both went unanswered. Charters are 7 nights, except the first night we slept in the marina of Scrub Island right by the Marriott or base of DYC. We went to the Scrub base and paid our cash box and were told we could drop our luggage outside the door. Rather odd that they had us do that and not indoor? The DYC base basically allowed guests items to get soaked, as we waited for the boarding time. I think this could of been prevented. Some guests had to hang their clothes out to dry immediately on board. Just note, you eat dinner on board and meet your guests, cook and Captain on Night 1. The boat actually starts off on the morning of DAY 2. All of us became comfy and friendly quickly. This was a great group to sail with! DAY 2- The mornings from DAY 2 to DAY 7 we woke up about 730/8 and ate breakfast outside on the cockpit. It was very comfortable. This is where the real wear and tear though could be seen. DYC doesn’t take care of the boats as well as they could for maintenance programs. After only four years in charter Ava Isabella (our 62 ft Cat) had too much damage for that time frame and it showed. One of which -the oven should of been replaced! It wouldn’t stay lit. It needs to be replaced. The evenings during this week were on islands, bays, harbors etc., where we danced at Foxy’s, stopped off at Soggy Dollar, Limbo’d on Porter’s, etc. Definitely eat lobster at Porters!!! The captain even joined us out on a few nights. The meals were wonderful! Jane (our cook) is a master chef (or at least I think so haha) All of her meals were full of amazing flavor! She’s very friendly and creative. Chartering by the Cabin Experience: Each morning we felt truly blessed to be on board until differences of opinions occurred, understandably happening due to strangers on a cat for 7 nights. All together every morning, noon and night. Cabins from DAY 4-7 were difficult for guests and us which was due to a couple on board not wanting the AC turned on, granted the generator is a bit loud(also know that). The majority vote doesn’t rule on the boat. Know that too. So when one person out of ten said no AC and her hubby of course agreed then yeah, no ac. That wasn’t the main issue, for they also wanted the ice maker turned off and the water maker off. Difficulty started. It’s one person against all which decides the fate. Nobody wanted to be bitter with one another so we opened the roof hatches and hoped for the best! Yet, it did rain a few times and soaked us and our things! We closed the hatches and then humidity set in next and with no AC this was at times unbearable at night. We wanted to sleep in the salon a few nights. We feel this is a problem with DYC. DYC should look into their rules about one person decides the fate for all! It should be a majority vote. Sailing from island to island was fun! It’s very breezy and yes, Ava Isabella sways and knocks things open that aren’t secured so be prepared! This includes drawers swinging open and banging in the rooms as well as a fridge that threw out a pitcher. Things happen. My husband got hurt (actually ended up with a sliced foot from falling on coral while paddling) and DYC didn’t have a decent first aid kit on board. Wow it was a joke- just a couple of small band-aids, half tube of cream and a 4 year old piece of white tape. Our Captain Sandro jumped up as soon as he saw it and was trying really hard to locate gauze for us. He was so concerned and an excellent help! So I say to all of you - Pack a first aid kit guys- things happen. We stopped for provisions at one of the islands and I bought a couple boxes of gauze and packing tape to stop the bleeding and wrap my husband’s foot. Bring a first aid kit ( I say again!) The government in the BVI's is a mess!!! Please plan accordingly as far as times for your ferries, taxis, and flights. Customs delayed our ferry going back- you never know what will happen. Would we return in the future? Absolutely yes!! We are already planning our second adventure! We had an amazing time on board and off, but I feel DYC dropped the ball too much. We are looking into private charters. If you’re reading this and you need info then feel free to PM me! The group was the absolute best! This was our first crewed charter and the Captain and Cook were wonderful. The problem was DYC itself. 1 more thing the DYC itinerary was incorrectly sent out to a few guests and just know to check and make sure you arrive at the right place. I’d give the sailing experience a 5 Star but DYC maintenance and customer service a 3. Like I stated, we will look into private charters or if we decide to try out DYC again then we will probably go through a broker that is more tuned in with their customers.

  • bella esperienza in barca sia ai Caraibi sia alle Seychelles. le barche sono confortevoli e spaziose; le cabine curate anche nei particolari. il personale è gentile, disponibile, preparato e simpatico. da provare!

  • Vernünftige Preise, übersichtliches Handling vom Angebot bis zum Vertrag, keine versteckten Kosten, quasi weltweit vertreten, breite Range an Booten, freundliches und unkompliziertes Personal. Habe dreimal gechartert jeweils andere Destinationen und es war jedesmal super

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