ENT Institute Fyzical Therapy- Peachtree City

The Center of Excellence for Ear, Nose, & Throat Disorders

The Center of Excellence for Ear, Nose, & Throat Disorders

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Client Reviews

  • It's a pleasure to meet people who love what they do. Thank you Dr. Gainey and Dr. Garlick for a great experience.

  • Always a plus when you can find a local Dr with a great staff and prompt appointment times. Your find both here.

  • The ENT Institute provides awesome customer service and first class health care. I am Glad to be a patient.

  • I've visited the Windy Hill office several times in the past two months to see Dr. Alexander. The staff is amazing. They are always very compassionate and happy to answer any questions and reassure me when I'm anxious about a procedure. Dr. Alexander is very thorough and with their help I hope to get to the bottom of all of the issues I've been having.

  • Dr Won and the Audiologist both did a great job! Took the time to answer detailed questions, had good sense of humor, and listened well. Dr Won did a difficult impacted wax removal without issues, and the Audiologist patiently explained various hearing aide options even though she knew I didn’t yet need one. Nurses were efficient. Got in five minutes after appointment time. Only problem was I was not given all the things I was told - missing two scripts and hearing test form. I went back for hearing test but didn’t discover that two (of three) scripts were missing till I got home.

  • Dr Angel explained everything to my satisfaction!

  • I had balloon sinuplasty, turbinate reduction, and eustachian tube dilation. Too soon to know how it’ll be in the long term, but Elizabeth and Dr. Carothers were great! I highly recommend the Team at ENT Institute.

  • This is where I got my hearing aids.

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    Great experience! The staff is very friendly and helpful! They got my son and I in very fast and the doctors are great!! I would highly recommend this location!!

  • Appointments kept on time and caring service.

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